Electronic Pen Hookah with Charger by AZ RETAILS


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1.) E-hookah pen

2.) 1charger- cable and adapter

3.) liquid

This Pen hookah E- Hookah Made is high quality metal and battery is long lasting usable.


EGO CE4 850mAh Battery Vape Portable E Hookah Pen Rechargeable Starter Kit USB Specification: Diameter: 14 mm Length: 138 mm Net Weight: 40 g Color:Black,White,Blue,Pink,Red Clearomizer capacity: 1.6ml Battery life: more than 300 times Full charging time: 2-3 hours. Full battery 800 puffs Trouble-free, easy to maintain More vapour than any other e-shisha Portable and Reusable How to use: * Unscrew the drip tip from the CE5 clearomizer * Fill 1.6ml (or less) e-juice from the side * Do NOT pour the e-juice into the tube in the middle as the tube is for airflow. * Screw the drip tip back in. Do not over-tighten, to prevent breaking the tip. * We recommend waiting 20 Seconds for the e-juice to feed into the coil before you start to vape. Must be 18 to purchase !!!!!!!! Package included: 1x CE5 Atomizer 1x 850mah Battery 1x USB charging cable + charger + liquid


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